Guideline to buying the right paper shredder

Finding the right document shredder step by step:

1. Define your protection class...



Protection Class 1: Normal protection requirement for internal data.
Protection Class 2: High protection requirement for confidential data.
Protection Class 3: Very high requirement for particulary confidential and secret data.

2. The security levels.
The 3 protection classes have a total of 6 security levels. You decide how small the particles from your documents should be shredded.
The higher the security level, the smaller the particles.

Security Level 1 (Strips Cut 11.8mm): General documents, such as catalogue
Security Level 2(Strips Cut 3.9 / 5.8mm): Internaldocuments, such as notices, forms
Security Level 3(Strips Cut 3.9x30mm / 4.5x30mm):Sensitive & confidential data, such as sales report
Security Level 4(Strips Cut 1.9x15mm):Sensitive & confidential data, such as Payslips
Security Level 5(Strips Cut 0.78x11mm):Confidential data, such as fundamental research
Security Level 6(Strips Cut 1x5mm):Confidential data, such as R&D documents

3. Materials referred to in security levels according to the new DIN 66399



P- Information in original size: e.g. paper, films, print forms, x-ray
O- Optical data media: e.g. CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs
T- Magnetic data media: e.g. floppy disks, ID cards with magnetic strips
E- Electronic data media: e.g. USB sticks, chip cards, memory cards
F- Information in reduced form: e.g. films, foils
H- Hard Drives with magnetic data media

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